Discover the best of the new multiplace hyperbaric chamber

Today there is much more information available to all types of people about hyperbaric medicine as an alternative treatment for complementary healing therapies.

Hyperbaric medicine also known as oxygen therapy, consists of the use of 100% pure oxygen within a pressurized chamber called hyperbaric chamber with standards regulated by the UHMS (Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society) who is the main reference of hyperbaric medicine at the level world.

The application of hyperbaric medicine is indicated in therapeutic cases of numerous conditions such as the increase of the partial pressure of oxygen in the tissues as for example in the case of divers who suffer oxygen decompensation due to the sudden changes of pressure submersion, also in cases of oxygen limited by hemoglobin values.

The hyperbaric chamber consists of a cabin able to withstand high oxygen pressures inside because the indicated treatments are usually made between 2 and 3 absolute atmospheres, although in some cases it can reach 6 absolute atmospheres when decompressive diseases are treated.
Hyperbaric chambers are classified as monoplace hyperbaric oxygen chamber and multiplace hyperbaric chamber. Multiplace is the chambers that offer better and important benefits to both patients and treating physicians.

The multiplace hyperbaric chamber, besides that they can be compressed with air, allow doctors or specialized personnel to accompany the patient inside the chamber and provide the care and attention according to the needs, even in special cases such as patients they need intensive therapy.

Currently you can see the different models of multiplace chambers that exist in the market through, where you can consult hyperbaric chamber cost, its benefits, and availability of hyperbaric chamber for sale, which adapt to his particular need for therapies in this chamber design, as well as the novel veterinary hyperbaric chamber for sale that represents an important innovation for veterinary medicine.